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Arcadia Episcopal Preschool Review Homework


1111 Okoboji Dr
Arcadia, CA91007
(626) 447-6888

Creative Child was a happy coincidence for my son. I was looking for a preschool that's close to home with activities-based learning. Creative Child caught my eyes since it's only 10 minutes walking distance from our house. My first impression was the happy faces of the kids at their backyard, which was remarkable. I doubted at first because I found the school to be a bit small compared to other preschools in the area so I looked around. With a few visits to other bigger schools, I realized most of the schools in the area are more academic-focused, and I also didn't see the same kind of happy faces we saw at Creative so I made up my mind to send my boy here. Once he's in Creative Child, I knew I made the right choice. My son started when he was about 2.5 years old at the first level class, where he was cared for by Ms Michelle and Ms Lucy. I could tell both of them were very caring to the little ones and they helped my son with a very smooth transition and potty training. Then he moved on to the Robot class when he was slightly over 3 years, where he was taught by Ms Helen, who's the owner of the place. My son's comment about Ms Helen says it all, "You know, mom, Ms Helen is the BEST!!!!" She is really approachable, attentive and assuring both to the kids and to the parents. Sometimes we would communicate via email about my son's conditions and she is always responsive. She would even send me photos of his activities! Creative Child also carries out a lot of interesting activities through their creative curriculum, including annual art shows, food-making projects, and countless art and crafts creations. My son brings home a lot of drawings and fun creations. During Father's Day, Mother's Day and other major occasions, the teachers always come up with adorable ideas for gifts and keep sakes. I love that my son is able to learn happily and creatively, while taking in new knowledge, developing fine motor skills, drawing skills and problem-solving abilities.

This place has been the second home of our two kids. Ms. Helen has treated us like a family since I first inquired 3 years ago for our eldest child and up to now with our 2nd child. Their CREATIVE CURRICULUM and caring staff has been very helpful in broadening their imagination and academic learning which had helped our eldest when he moved to Kindergarten. They never fail to remind parents of special activities and kids' progress from the sign-in sheet up to the little board reminder on the school's gate (which you will never miss since this is the only exit). We also love the progress reports they have and the above mentioned special activities (Father's day, Mother's day, Parent's week, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas show, Art show, etc). Note: Parent's week, they provide one week free coffee and pastries which is my husband's favorite :)

Leaving your child at the hands of strangers takes a lot of courage and faith. When we toured Creative Child, we immediately knew our son would be in good hands under the care of Ms. Lucy and Ms. Michelle. They genuinely care about your child, welcoming each child with smiles and hugs. He's been here for 1 year and loves going to school everyday. They have creative programs, summer activities and through their play based learning..they let children be just that. If you're looking for an environment that fosters a child's learning and personal growth, look no further. Give the director, Ms. Helen a call for a tour, you won't regret!

When it was time for my son to begin preschool, I searched far and wide to find just the right environment. The moment I toured Creative Child, I knew that I had found it. Ms. Helen and Creative Child were tremendously supportive and reassuring for both me and my son and provided me with daily updates of his transition into preschool. Because of this positive experience, he quickly came to love school and we both enjoyed reflecting upon his experiences each day. That was five years ago. Since then, my 2nd child has also attended the school and is now graduating to kindergarten. As a parent, I could not imagine a more caring group of teachers. Bringing my sons here feels more akin to visiting with amazingly creative, educational and inspiring family friends. As a teacher, I greatly appreciate their child centered, play-based approach to learning. It is engaging, developmentally appropriate, and promotes creative, social, cognitive, and emotional growth. Structured activities and choice allow for children to develop independence and autonomy while developing listening comprehension, letter recognition, number sense, self-regulation, and other important skills. Meanwhile, open-ended activities allow for individual expression and creativity. My sons' time here truly helped them to be "kindergarten ready." Yet, the strongest endorsement for this place is the fact that my eldest son, now entering second grade still talks about all the fun he had learning here. Or, that when choosing a book to read he often reaches for his or his brother's journals in which Ms. Jennifer patiently wrote down the imaginative stories they dictated and illustrated. Or, that whenever it is time to pick up his younger brother, he ALWAYS wants to come along just so he can linger on the yard and visit with his teachers for a while.

As a physician, I'm fortunate to have options when it comes to where I can send my son for pre-school. That's why I searched for a school that focused on child-centered education that would enhance/augment the lessons my son was already receiving at home. He has been so incredibly happy in the Creative Child atmosphere that he looks forward to spending time with his teachers and friends. Mrs. Helen is fantastic and incredibly warm. Upon first meeting, I was confident my son would be in good hands. The other teachers have always been incredibly warm as well. My son is constantly talking about all the things he learned that day -- the hands-on education and focus on socialization is quite superb. To say the least, I think I found the right preschool for my son. Every child's need is different, of course -- I'm happy to say Creative Child is the pre-school for us.

My daughter attended this preschool when she was 2.5 years old and now she is 4, she absolutely loves it. She cried every morning for 2 months in the beginning, but all the teachers there are so supportive and caring that I know my daughter was in good hands. After 2 months of struggle, my daughter loves going to school everyday now and enjoys all the activities the school provided. All the teachers and teachers assistant are extremely wonderful and friendly. Everyday,after I pick up my daughter from school, she will tell me how much she enjoys being around Ms. Helen, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Lucy, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Shayna. The school environment feels like home and they add "fun" into kids daily school activities (i.e. Petting zoo day, splash day, puppet show). I did a lot of research at first and visited various preschool and this was the best one we have seen. We are very glad that we chose Creative Child at this location. We highly recommended!!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this preschool! My daughter attended Creative Child last year. I wish I had known about it much earlier. Prior to Creative Child she went to a different school in Temple City. It was a good one as well, but it was more academic based. Creative Child has a different approach to learning. It focuses on play based learning, which I found to be better suited for her needs. That's not to say that the children don't learn anything there. On the contrary, they do learn letters, numbers, and all the usual things. However, rather than do dittos and watch academic videos, they have a more hands on approach, and stress other areas of learning. Because my daughter was already ahead as far as reading and math, I chose to enroll her in a school that would help her with socialization, and better prepare her for kindergarten. Being an only child, she really didn't interact with other children on a regular basis, and actually preferred the company of adults. After a year at Creative Child I can honestly say that she now plays well with kids of all ages. In addition, the school did a great job of preparing her for kindergarten and school in general. There was routine, there was homework, and there were tasks they had to share. As far as the facility itself, it's really very cute. The school is basically a house that has been converted into classrooms. It's clean and in my opinion feels more like home than school (which I love). The playground is mostly shaded by a beautiful tree. The children get plenty of exercise, and if that's not enough, the school has additional activities you can pay for such as My Gym, Teddy Bear Tap, and Imagination Station. The teachers are all attentive, patient, nurturing, and really do care for your children. There are many events throughout the school year that allow for parents to meet one another, and for everyone to just hang out-- families, staff, and all. Lunch is included 4 days a week, as well as their morning and afternoon snacks. Overall I was very pleased with Creative Child and would definitely recommend it.

Our active 4 year old has been in Creative Child Preschool since he was two and half and he loves his preschool, we love it too!!. When we chose it, we researched a LOT in the area and we were pleasantly surprised with the clean record it has and the fact the preschool has an active NAEYC certification. When we toured Creative Child back in 2015, we had a good feeling about it and we are happy we were not wrong. Learning is all play based and we can see how our son learns a lot about different themes throughout the year. We like that teachers always keep us updated with their notes of what they do during the school day. All the teachers are so loving and caring for the kids, Miss Helen is also great at organizing events for the year and they are so well planned (art show, open house, Summer events, Halloween parade, Christmas recital etc). We will miss Creative Child when the moment to move on to a bigger school comes, that is for sure.

My daughter has been attending this school since 2012 and it's like a second home to her. She LOVES school and wishes she can be in school 7 days a week...My daughter has had all the teachers and she loves all of them! With that said, we toured around when i needed to put my daughter in school and i instantly said yes to this place. Why? Well the staff were hands on and friendly. If a little toddler is crying hysterically bc s/he misses their mommy, they actually pick the toddler up to comfort him or her. This school has been renovated and it looks so modern, clean, and nice. I'm sad that this will be my daughter's last year but luckily i have a second booger to start preschool soon.

My son started at Creative Child Preschool about a year ago, he loves going to school and is proud to show me his artwork and creations. He is in the 2 year old class and loves his teachers Miss Michelle and Miss Chandra. Everyday I am amazed by how fast he is learning new words. He used to cry every morning for several months, and the teachers would naturally pick him up and comfort him. Recommended the school to 2 of my friends and their children are currently enrolled in the school. A lot of events are organized during the year and it is great to be part of the Creative Child's big family.

I recently enrolled my child at Creative child and I couldn't be happier. The staff is super friendly and the school is very clean. I have no complaints. My son seems to be comfortable and gets excited with any projects he brings home. I'm pleased with this school and glad to see my son happy. Miss Michelle is currently my sons teacher and he loves her. Great job Creative Child.

I recently put my son in Creative Child a few months ago.I would say this is an A+++ school. They have knowledgeable teachers! Ms.Jennifer is great! She teaches the kids very well.I'm pleased to say I would recommend this school to anyone. My son loves it here and so do I.Thank you Creative Child!

I enrolled my daughter at Creative Child a few months ago and our whole family is very happy with the school. Admittedly, she had a hard couple of days transitioning to being out of the home, but Ms. Helen and the other teachers were great with both her and me to get us through it quickly. She is now really happy to go to school every day and see her friends. She is learning a lot through play, storytime and their theme-of-the-week. Super homey environment and fresh lunches!

Our daughter just graduated from Creative Child Preschool (and will be attending kindergarten in the fall) and we already miss the staff and students! She has learned so much in the last 2 years and learned in a way that all kids should learn...in a structured yet fun way! Miss Helen , Miss Jennifer and all the teachers at Creative Child are extremely nurturing and we always felt great comfort knowing that our child was in his good hands. I must also add that the recent renovations made to the school is an extra "plus" in our book. They spared no expense to update the facility with new flooring, ac/heating unit, windows, etc. The school also offers extra curricular activities such as Teddy Bear Tap, My Gym, etc and has a great summer program. We couldn't say enough great things about the school and it's staff. Thank you, Creative Child!

My son has been attending this school for over a year and we've been extremely happy and impressed by the quality of care. Initially the school was part of the Serendipity family but earlier this year one of the teachers purchased this location and one of the others. We couldn't be any happier with the change of ownership. Ms. Helen has completely updated and overhauled the facility beautifully! I especially love how the curriculum appears to have shifted to help the children learn to be more self-sufficient and creative thinkers. My very passionate/emotional 3 year old can be hard to handle at times but the entire staff is fabulous about stepping in to help calm him down and redirect his outbursts. Another great thing about the school are the extra programs they offer access to, such as tap and gym classes or hearing and speech evaluations. There is such a great feeling of community too and the school does such a great job in organizing events which give us an opportunity to get to know the other parents, kids, and teachers. ALL of the friendly teachers are very involved and attentive with the children, not just those in their particular classes. Lunch is included Mon-Thurs. Lots of fun art projects and the classrooms are super clean, bright, and filled with interactive activities.

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Parent: For the tuition, Vistamar offers small classes, caring teachers, and a stellar college search/prep process led by great counselors. Class offerings, extra-curriculars and sports are good for a school this size. I would give 5 stars if it wasn't for their policy of student sensitivity in regards to academics. There is no class rank, no valedictorian, no academic awards presentations or cap ribbons, nor acknowledgement of high gpa's or test scores. It's as if they're afraid to hurt the feelings of students who are not in this category. Yet, it's OK to recognize the star athletes, service hours, and varied artists! This is ironic, given that it IS a school, and academics should be their main charter. They highly pride themselves on diversity, to the point that it can seem the sole focus for their public events. My child will stay here, but anyone looking for kudos for high-achieving academics should be aware that their kid won't receive it here, unless they are a sports star or minority.
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