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Katy Moran Author Biography Essay

Katy Moran’s paintings reflect a responsive working process: shifting or rotating the canvas while painting, reworking textures, and reconsidering the shapes and figures that emerge. With this approach to painting along with the inclusion of collage, often partially obscured, her work conveys a deliberate tension between materiality and subject. Moran creates a dynamic push and pull between the addition and the removal of paint; some works exhibit thick application of paint, while in others the painterly gesture is removed with rags dipped in varnish or even by sanding. Via the oscillation between representation and abstraction, composition and narrative, texture and space, Moran engages thought and sense simultaneously.

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Katy Moran

January 30 – February 28, 2015

Main Gallery

Katy Moran

May 5 – June 11, 2011

Main Gallery

Katy Moran

March 14 – April 23, 2008

Main Gallery


The Second Annual DINING ROOM SHOW
Elliott Hundley, Rachel Kneebone, José Lerma, Katy Moran

July 21 – 22, 2007

Main Gallery

Katy Moran
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art
14 Wharf Road N1 7RW
January 15 - March 8, 2015

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Watch Katy in conversation with Ziba Ardalon, Parasol unit Founder/Director

Andrea Rosen Gallery is delighted to announce our third solo exhibition of Katy Moran. Re-affirming her eloquently unique territory, Moran's newest body of paintings reflects the artist's ongoing concentration, iconoclastic visual sensibility, and rigorous formal complexity through a dynamic interweaving of representation and abstraction, figuration and narrative, texture and space.

That our exhibition coincides with a major survey of 51 works covering the last 7 years, currently underway at Parasol unit Foundation for Contemporary Art in London, creates an opportunity for greater insight into Moran's work. The experience of that exhibition is clarifying: as Moran's seemingly uniformly diminutive paintings span all four large rooms of Parasol unit, one experiences just how radically different each is from the other.

We are pleased to be presenting 19 new works, which resonate with Moran's signature verve and expressive vocabulary even as they mark their own new visual territory. Peeking Cheetah, with its white gradient and spotted, jaggedly angular sections, hints at something wild eying the viewer from beneath the painting's seemingly restrained façade. The intersecting planes and repeating figural motifs of New Landscape suggest a riotous natural world ready to show itself with each subsequent viewing.

Moran's paintings reflect an intentionally responsive working process: as she paints, the artist reacts to the material itself, shifting or rotating the canvas, reworking textures, and reconsidering the shapes and figures that emerge. In recent years, Moran has added a new practical and physical dimension to her work with the inclusion of collage; often partially obscured by paint, the collage elements engage the materials and framework that underlie each work. The works in this exhibition range from potentially the most pared-down figuration we have seen from Moran to more sculptural surfaces.

Katy Moran was born in 1975 in Great Britain. She studied at the Royal College of Art, London, where she was part of the highly regarded painting MA program. Moran has had solo exhibitions at Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH, and Anthony Meier, San Francisco. Moran has been included in group exhibitions at numerous international institutions including Kunstverein Freiberg, Germany, as well as Tate Britain, London, San Francisco MOMA, and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis where her works are in the public collections. Currently, she has a solo show at Parasol unit in London, which runs through March 8, 2015. Moran lives and works in London.

Andrea Rosen Gallery

The goal of the gallery is to retain a specific territory for each artist represented. What defines the artists as a group is that each, independently, is fully responsible to the medium of their choice and is fully questioning of the role that art plays in the contemporary social-political, and/or cultural arena.

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New York, United States

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