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Australian Islamic College Holiday Homework

Principal’s Message

A warm WELCOME to Australian Islamic College, Kewdale (Primary Campus)

We at Australian Islamic College make continuous efforts to realize the vision and mission of AIC by nurturing Islamic values, inquiring, creative, and positive forward looking minds. Alhamdulillah, today, Australian Islamic College is not only a school but indeed a place of constant purpose with intense dedication and strong faculty, an icon of Muslim community in Perth. We have students from 58 languages from all around the world.

The school’s moto of “academic excellence & Islamic values for children’s successes in this life and the hereafter” underpins all activities in the school. Daily morning assembly is a part of school culture. Through theme of the week and school values we promote a culture of tolerance and harmony, love and respect, citizenship and leadership, and a spirit to learn and contribute as a good Muslim and law abiding citizen of Australia. The school strives to nurture the potential of every child, enhancing their knowledge, skills and wellbeing and promoting a positive and healthy approach to learning and life.

Celebrating students’ success is a part of school culture. Students are regularly rewarded for their achievements. Religious functions, Quran recitation competitions, Azan competitions, Meritorious NAPLAN awards, Spelling Bee Competition, Sports Medallion awards, inter classes Basket Ball Championship awards, Citizenship, Aussie of the Month and Meritorious Academic awards at the end of terms have been the main events of school.

Alhamdulillah our school provides an exceptional standard of education to children. We offer the WA ACARA Curriculum with nationally benchmarked assessment procedures. We are committed to offer real creative depth as well as academic breadth in the quality of our curriculum and teaching for 21st century classroom. Students and staff are involved in a wide range of events and activities and celebrate many successes. Our teachers are committed to excellence in daily teaching and learning practices with a continuing focus on pupils’ learning. We are a forward thinking school that sees every young person as an individual, with individual needs and talents.

School is dedicated and plans on regular basis for the spiritual uplift of the kids. School has strong faculty for Religion & Quran Studies. Students are regularly guided and supported with structured lessons for Quran recitation, meaning of selected verses and Quran memorization. Students are regularly taught about the life and teaching of Prophet (PBUH). Arabic studies is compulsory for upper primary students.

The school places significant emphasis on the building of strong foundations in literacy and numeracy. Our NAPLAN results are excellent. On every measure our school is always been above the state mean and compatible to national averages.

We are committed to embed Information and Communication Technologies in teaching and learning. The use of iPads in classroom has been promoted and encouraged. The classrooms have well-resourced ICT facilities, including interactive white boards, Apple TV and computers. We have ongoing commitment for ICT integration across all learning areas and it has been a focus of curriculum planning and delivery, Alhamdulillah.

The school regularly provides professional development opportunities to teachers.  School has provided state of the art Professional Development Portal APPRETIO for teachers & principals to update and enhance their professional skills, cooperation and collaboration on steady basis.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the need for the students of ‘today’ to embrace the learning that will be needed for them not only to survive but thrive in their future. We need to be producing students that show initiative and are innovative. We want students to think critically, creatively and globally. At school we plan to fully embrace this concept by ensuring our students have opportunities to experience and engage with the application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Teachers are developing program that allows our students to engage with technology, think outside the square, learn a new skill, be a philanthropist and have authentic student voice. Staff are very excited! We are developing partnerships with Scientists, Sister Schools, and those who work within these fields. We will start small but watch this space — as BIG things will certainly develop.

We place great emphasis on the students’ wellbeing, extra-curricular activities and sports. All our students are encouraged to find something that is of interest. Our students learn thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

We encourage parents to get involved in school life. From fundraiser to Thursday Free Breakfast for students, Loose Parts to Sports Carnival; Parents & Friend Association is connected to school.


Br. Mohammed Nazar Khan
Principal Primary

ICT Integration

AIC encourages innovative thinking and engagement for the whole school community by promoting ICT integration across all Learning areas for improved teaching and learning environment. Staff capability and skill development in context of ICT is a key focus, so training and support plans are in place to provide continuous support.

For ICT integration across all Learning areas, the college provides the following facilities.

  • All class rooms are equipped with Interactive white board (IWB), PCs and projectors.
  • Set of laptops in all Learning areas.
  • Five general computing labs.
  • Shared mobile devices in Primary school
  • iPads in Primary school
  • BYOD in Secondary school
  • All teachers are provided with a PC
  • All Coordinators are provided with Surface pro
  • Specialized labs for Intensive English courses, language courses and Design and Technology course.

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