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Time Waits For None Essays About Education


Time is the most sensitive and precious part of our life. It is free, but it’s priceless. We can use it but cannot own it. Once it is lost it never comes back again. Time is like a river as its current flows ahead and never comes back similarly time once lost it can’t be regained. It is said that “Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” We should be very punctual in our life and run with the time. It runs regularly for every moment and never stays even for a second. Those who destroy the time it destroys them. Money can be earned by using the time in the right way but time can never be earned by using the money. It can’t be compared with any precious thing in the world because it is more precious than anything. People waste their time very easily whereas, they spend their money very cautiously. The reason behind this is, they earn money by hard work but time is free. The person who knows the importance of time is meant to be successful and the one who misuses it, are never meant to succeed.


Time has its own experience in every field. It varies unlikely in different fields. It is very powerful and always wins. Time can never be defeated because it runs continuously without staying even for a single minute. If a farmer does not sow the seeds in the proper season he would not get the paddy. Similarly, every minute of a game is very important, it can change the scenario of the game in a minute. Same way if a doctor misses a second a life can be lost or gained. Thus, time is really very important for every work. It is a very tricky part of our lives.

A value of a year only knows a student who failed. A value of a month only knows a worker who is waiting for his salary. A value of a week only knows a weekly editor. A value of a day knows a daily wage worker. A value of an hour knows a husband whose wife is delivering a baby. A value of a minute knows a person who missed a train. A value of a second knows a person who escaped an accident. Therefore, time is very important in every manner.

Time is very powerful which can never be defeated. Its potential cannot be measured because sometimes only one moment is enough to win whereas sometimes it takes a whole life to win. Every moment brings us a new opportunity, we just need to understand that.

Time Management: It is the most important factor for success. If anyone wastes his childhood, he will not be able to build up character in future. We should everything according to time. Neglecting time and hard work always pays off. People do not realize the value of time and spend it unwisely. Instead of focusing on important tasks at hand, they waste their time thinking that they would make up the loss in the future.

Punctuality and Timeliness: Punctuality is also an important part of a time in life. A person who uses his time cautiously has to be successful in life. All the successful people mostly have used there every single time properly. Those who are not punctual find difficulty to finish their duties on time.

Courtesy: Being on time, and being aware of the time, ensures that we will not turn up late for our works. It is very important for treating people with respect and politeness. Their time is precious like ours and we should not cause them to waste it.

Future is unseen: It’s true that future can never be predicted. It is a thing that is beyond the control of human beings. So without thinking and staying in the past, we should be in the present for a better future. The Past is not in our hands neither is future but the present is which can define us.

Therefore, no matter how much pain you take, you cannot use the ‘undo’ command in life and edit it again. Uniformity and impartial nature is another quality of time. It works at the same pace for the rich and poor one. An hour means sixty minutes both for a king and a beggar.


This is an important part of life. Though we cannot stop or control time but we can schedule it in our way. This realization is the first step towards being effective in your time management. Developing skills to manage your time effectively will bring improvements to your life, like accepting some fundamental changes. You should learn to prioritize things and take them one step at a time. Chances of failure increases when you take pressure more than you can handle or take too much work at a time. Developing these skills also helps you to know yourself a little bit better. With the growing age it becomes much easier to lose track in important things in your life.


A person who understands the importance of time works efficiently. The more efficiently we work, the more time we save for future. The prosperous people are very conscious about the value of their time. Hence, we should never waste our time and try to make the best use of it. Success will come surely if we have made the best use of our time. Thus, time is very precious we should use it instead of wasting it.




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Time and tide wait for none school essay

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