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Assignment Expert Review

The experience was awesome. The assignments was accurate and completed quickly. Thanks.

#197840MathMar 2018

I’ve used Assignment Expert twice now, and I’m a full fledged fan. This morning I had a crunching 7 hour deadline for a huge programming assignment I forgot was due, and turned to them for help. The estimate was affordable and easy to pay for through PayPal. Shortly after, an expert got to work on the problem at hand. The operator was in constant contact with me throughout the entire process, and everything went quickly and smoothly. After looking through the assignment, I was happy to find that everything ran very smoothly, and no shortcuts were taken/no requirements were omitted. I wish I could say more about this service. It’s truly a game changer and has saved my back more than once now.

#198731Programming & Computer ScienceMar 2018

I was very impressed with Assignment expert. The service/operator was fast, polite, friendly and always very helpful. I got a very good price for my statistics assignment. Everything went smooth and fast, there were no problems. I also want to thank the anonymous math genius who did my homework. He or she did a great job, answered all the questions, even did some extra steps to make sure the homework was good.She or he was very professional. I can only recommend Assignment expert.

#194639MathMar 2018

Everything works, thank you (Operator and Expert) so much! I will bookmark this page for future reference. Excellent job on the comments to by the way, now I can study and understand what is happening for the future!

#198641Programming & Computer ScienceMar 2018

Very efficient, I will be contacting you again in the future! Happy !

#198382MathMar 2018

This assignment received it a full score.

#195867ManagementMar 2018


#196950EconomicsMar 2018

The job was exceptionally well done! Thank you! Another assignment coming soon.

#195356MathMar 2018

The assignments you’ve completed have been on-time and beautifully written. I couldn’t be more pleased. Interacting with your website and operator has been a smooth and effortless experience. Your team is doing it right.

#196739Programming & Computer ScienceMar 2018

It was amazing, Everytime i submit a homework you guys respind with quality and GREAT custumer support. Just amazing every homwork amazing. Thanks :)

#196899EconomicsMar 2018

Your service was top notch, done right the first time, not like other sites I have used in the past. I’m going to use your services again. Thanks! I highly recommend AssignmentExpert over other assignment help Websites.

#196174Programming & Computer ScienceMar 2018

It was great! I received a 90%!

#195610EconomicsMar 2018

It was successful. Thank you!

#196360ChemistryMar 2018

Assignment expert is one of the best websites i have dealt with, technical support is very fast and very helpful. i would advice this website to all my friends and the people i know

#195387ManagementFeb 2018

My experience with Assignment Expert and my level of satisfaction has been good. There is always a quick response to my requests and questions, and the support staff always do their best to satisfy my requests. The quality of my assignments so far has been very good and I always receive it on time.

#195404EconomicsFeb 2018

Wow, very good! A perfect score! Thank you so much! :)

#196173Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

Thank you, I got it. it looks good. It was nice working with you

#196049Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

Please let the expert know that I was very happy with the work carried out, first class service, keep up the awesome work :)

#193361Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

Thanks so much, you guys have been brilliant I will 100% be using you again, fantastic service and value!

#195820Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

Thank you it was great

#194157EconomicsFeb 2018

Great service, you are one of the best out there.

#194758EconomicsFeb 2018

This is excellent! I am impressed at the quality of the work. Would it be OK if I send you a list of minor changes to be made in early March? You can then provide me quote and I will pay for the requested changes.

#195950Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

Thanks great job on assignment.

#194036Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

It was a true pleasure doing business with you. This was by far the most seamless and easy online transaction I have ever completed. Completed program (Pascal) was EXACTLY what was needed. Price was also very reasonable. Completed Project was delivered well in advance of the deadline submitted Many Thanks,

#193018Programming & Computer ScienceFeb 2018

I think its great service and I’ve been very happy with the content received. thank you

#193132MathJan 2018

Very satisfied! I learn a lot! And got 100 in the project Thanks

#192750Programming & Computer ScienceJan 2018

received assignment today and I am well pleased

#192444MathJan 2018

Your solutions has answer my assignment properly and what was asked from the questions. With steps by steps solution, it made me understand better. I'm very happy with the solutions. Thank you so much!

#192535MathJan 2018

Thank you for completing my complex analysis assignment #2, I received 88% on it. I would recommend you easily to others :))

#184295MathJan 2018

You guys are the bomb, I will be sure to spread the word!

#191701Programming & Computer ScienceJan 2018


As the name indicates, Assignmentexpert.com “bills” itself as a homework assistance site, not as a writing service. We conducted our review, though, just as we have every other writing service. We first read through all of the website content, including the landing page and the other five pages to which a visitor can link. We also reviewed the site-published testimonials, sample works, articles on the company blog, the ordering process and responsiveness of customer support, customer reviews which have been posted off-site, and the results of an order we placed for a college level history paper. Here’s what we found.

Offered Products and Services

The Assignment Expert home page focuses almost entirely on homework help, especially in math, science and IT. It is lengthy and a bit redundant, repeating the same information about high quality, qualified experts, affordable prices, etc.

Once the visitor gets beyond the home page content, however, it is evident that other products and services are also offered. Students at all study levels can order homework in other subjects too, and that includes essays and papers as well as just homework assignments.

Quality of Products/Writers

To determine the quality of AssignmentExpert products, we looked at the quality of writing on the website pages, customer reviews, a reading of a number of examples on the site, and the quality of the paper we ordered.

  • The AssignmentExpert.com website content is well-written, although as we said before, somewhat redundant.
  • Assignment Expert examples are numerous and diverse. The math-related homework assignment samples were good. We also reviewed some of the essays and papers in other subject areas. Here, we found less than exceptional work. One on the French Revolution, for example, was pretty thin on content, as well as repetitive.
  • Testimonials on the site are all quite positive. Those that we found elsewhere, however, are very mixed. While customers who had ordered help with math and science homework assignments were generally pleased, those who had ordered writing products, not so much. Common complaints were quality of writing, some illogic in structure, and old and outdated resources.

Quality of Customer Support

There is no phone number for the company. Visitors and customers can contact AssignmentExpert via email and live chat. We did send an email with some questions about essay and paper writing in English and did not receive a response for two days. We also began a live chat and stated we had some questions about dissertation help. Even though the chat box indicated they were online at the time, we never received an answer to our question, and we waited about 45 minutes, checking back periodically. Nothing. This does not inspire a lot of confidence and is certainly something the company should fix.

Prices and Discounts

To place an order, a customer first submits an order form with the details and their email addresses. They then state that they will check and see about a writer and send prices to those email addresses. We could not find a promo code for any newcomer discounts, nor was there any mention of discounts or coupon codes for sales or special pricing. Our paper was priced at $143, which is right within the average range.

Additional Benefits

The guarantees that the company offers are the only benefits we found. These include high quality, direct conversation between a customer and his/her writer, plagiarism-free content, and formatting. No other benefits are listed.


Assignment Expert is certainly not a fraud or scam. When we looked at pros & cons, getting orders to customers on time is a plus. This is outweighed, though, by the negatives about quality and resources. Further, Assignment Essay does not have a BBB membership, which is definitely a negative. Overall, our rating is “Fair.”

AssignmentExpert.com Customers’ Reviews


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